COOLMaps: Process Mapping for Management

COOLMAPS™: Own Your Process From End To End

Everyone understands the critical importance of understanding and controlling end to end process (and the internal controls within the process). Whether you’re responsible for planning or implementing an initiative or project that’s strategic, tactical or is required for enhancement, remediation or improvement, the best plans face significant barriers to success unless the underlying process is effective, efficient, connected, controlled and capable of understanding by large and diverse audiences.

The problem is understanding process! This is especially true for initiatives involving multi-part processes which span within and across departments, across the enterprise and often, across the globe. In almost every case, these critical processes are described in a process map designed by and for very narrow technical audiences. The process maps assume that the viewer has a deep knowledge of BPM, TQM, Six Sigma and other metric based methodologies.

They describe issues through technical jargon. Often, the process maps become so complex that they can only be read, understood, interpreted, and utilized by those who created them. Since they are too hard to understand, they don’t serve as effective tools for management or for project and implementation teams.

The result: Management can’t OWN their institution’s process!

COOLMaps are different! They’re designed to give back to management process ownership, understanding and control! They enable management and staff at all levels to instantly view and understand their end to end process as well as the controls within the process.

Since they were first introduced in 2003, COOLMaps have displayed an unsurpassed multi-dimensional view of process which requires no prior knowledge of complex methodology or process jargon. Feature-rich and exceptionally easy to navigate, they delineate process, capture issues, identify risks and embed any type of attachment. Beyond producing “single click” 3D views of process, they contain the features that management needs but aren’t available in the other mapping tools: automated report production, issue log generation, advanced built-in communication, versioning & security controls… the features that provide for complete analysis and instant visual understanding. COOLMaps are the tool that management requires to capture and view true end to end process. With COOLMaps, management can assert control over process change and reduce internal control risk.

Everyone wins with COOLMaps:

  • Senior management understands their overall end-to end vertical and horizontal business environment enabling them to plan and implement complex and time sensitive initiatives and projects;
  • Project managers directly influence change as they can readily analyze and communicate what is required for even the most complex, multi-element initiatives;
  • Project Team members clearly understand what they are being asked to deliver so tasks can be undertaken in a coordinated way;
  • Risk and Operations Managers: are able to understand where and how internal controls exist and function within the end to end process flow so they can judge control risk adequacy;
  • Staff, at all levels, can see the importance of their role and function within the organization and how changes will affect what they do and how they do it;
  • Auditors and regulators are assured that management understands and controls their process environment.

Own your process with COOLMaps!